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Welcome to your new obsession...

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Whats s hair spa

What is a Hair Spa?

A facial for the scalp... The ultimate treatment for your hair and scalp.

The Spa is not only for the face and body anymore; it's time to treat your hair like the crown it is. The scalp is like the soil is to a plant.

Deep clean, detox, massage, and most importantly, boosting the microcirculation to stimulate blood circulation and unclog the follicles for a healthy hair and scalp... is our game.


RSOHS Organic Blowout Dry Bar| RSOHS Organic Scalp Treatments | RSOHS Hair Treatments | Revampstudio Hair Spa | Las Vegas

Oway Hydro Dhara | Revampstudio Organic Hair Spa | Las Vegas

RSOHS Scalp Treatments

Looking to detox, rehydrate and reset your troubled scalp and hair?

Look no further?

All treatments come with a complimentary scalp analysis.

Click the desired treatment for

more information:

Oway Hair-loss | Revampstudio Organic Hair Spa | Las Vegas

Recommended for:

Thinning hair 

Oway purifying | Revampstudio Organic Hair Spa | Las Vegas

Recommended for:

Hair prone to dry and oily dandruff

Oway Rebalancing Scalp treatment | Revampstudio Organic Hair Spa | Las Vegas

Recommended for:

Scalp with excessive sebum production, rebalance, normalize, and eliminate odor.

Oway Soothing | Revampstudio Organic Hair Spa | Las Vegas

Recommended for:

Sensitive scalps are prone to reddening and irritation.

OW+rebuilding_hair_treatment | revampstudio hair spa | las vegas.png

RSOHS Repairing Hair Treatment

Deep reconstruction and strengthening program for very damaged and weakened hair. 

Series of treatments will be recommended.

oway_hstraighten | revampstudio hair spa | las vegas.png

Oway Organic
Hstraighten Keratin Treatment

Formaldehyde Free Organic H-straighten treatment is 87.17% naturally derived ingredients

The main causes of dry and

frizzy hair is:

  • Genetic Predisposition

  • Aggressive Treatment

  • Hair Dryers and Straighteners

  • Climatic Factors

  • Factors related to physical and psychological health: such as eating disorders or emotional stress.

In all cases, the underlying cause which makes the hair frizzy, dry, and damaged.

Oway-Hydro-Dhara | Revampstudio Hair Spa | Las Vegas.jpg


Try adding these amazing energizing and aromatherapeutic-infused water to your service.

Hydro-Dhara is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine with hydrolats and essential oils that generates deep relaxation by neutralizing the emotional tensions, enabling balance and harmony. 

Flowerfall is an infusion of biodynamic floral water that tones, energize, and adds a protective shield against oxidative stress. 

oway-hair-treatments | Revampstudio Hair Spa | Las Vegas.png

Organic Herbs and Clay

Try adding this pre-step herbs-clay treatment to optimize your treatment results. This treatment frees the scalp and hair from stress and toxins by restoring vitality and preventing imbalances through a peeling and detox cleaning preparing the scalp for optimal results. 


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5864 S Durango Dr unit 110

studio 102

Las Vegas, NV. 89113

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